We offer a range of services to help and guide our clients through the build process whether this is for a small supply only porch or full house build. 

If you require any further advice please call our office on 01279 739277 or email enquiries@fineoakbuildings.co.uk.

Conservation Areas

A conservation area is an area of special architectural or historic interest. It has been designated by the council to help preserve and enhance its character and appearance.

If your property is in a conservation area we will liaise with Conservation officers and your local council (if applicable) to make your application as stress free as possible whilst ensuring you obtain successful approval.

Building Regulations

We work with an independent building inspectors to establish the quickest, and most efficient approach to obtaining an approval. Whilst being as diligent as your local authority surveyor with regards to how your project is built, they will take a far more commercial and realistic approach to secure a practical approval of your building.

Architectural Design

You may already have detailed architectural plans drawn up, this is fine with us, we are happy to produce our oak frame from the designs you provide, whilst giving our expert knowledge of oak framing techniques.

It maybe that you require a full architectural design service, this is also fine with us, we offer a full architectural design service enabling us to offer the complete build package from design to completed build. Initially, we provide you with a conceptual sketch for the design of your oak framed building to enable us to discuss this further. Once a concept is agreed our design team will then put together specification working drawings.

Spending time to understand your requirements and specification, leasing with you throughout this process, from the beginning, ensures that your project is designed around your requirements and specifications therefore designing your perfect oak structure.

fine oak garages architects

Structural Engineering Calculations

Structural calculations determine the effects of loads on physical structures and their components.

We undertake structural calculations report for all buildings, this report details the engineering issues which are relevant for the building from foundations upwards including material usage, joints, fixings and sections sizes. The finalised report is referred to when ordering the specific oak sections and during the manufacturing process. This report is also required by the building control officer who will not sign off your build without this report, this ensures your build is completed correctly following the structural engineers report.

Finishes Applied

Emmerse yourself in the quality of oak.

All our oak frames are hand-made using ancient methods with traditional mortise and tenon joints, whilst the structure is fixed using oak dowels. To complement the hand-made element to our frames we finish our frames with a hand wrought effect which gives our oak a traditional look and feel which enhances the character of the oak.

When oak beams are first cut it tends to look a bit rough, highlighting and showing the saw marks where it has been cut to size. The finish we apply restores the oak to a clean wrought finish which also takes away potential splinters and imperfections. 

We pride our selves on the quality of our oak frames and the finish that we apply. Using this finish to all exposed surfaces gives the oak a gentle waving and undulating look and feel which enhances the character of your oak.

fine oak trusses finish 1

fine oak trusses finish 2

fine oak trusses large

Green Oak

Majority of our frames are produced using European green oak. The term ‘green’ means freshly cut from the tree, usually up to a year old. Due to the moisture content of green oak it is usual and expected that the oak will shrink, move and over time splits to appear due to the reduction in moisture content of the oak. This is perfectly normal and is expected.

Air Dried Oak

We use air dried oak for all our casings/casement projects and for all our external encapsulated glazing system. We use air dried in these situations where the wood needs to fit in with an external environment or certain situations where air dried oak is the ideal solution. Air dried oak (as the name suggests) is stored in a naturally vented drying stores for long periods of time to reduce the moisture content which makes this more stable, which reduces the amount shrinkage due to the reduction in moisture content. This process is usually only applied to planks as the process is much longer if applied to more dense oak.