Oak coverings and casements give the impression of an oak structure

Meticulously handmade oak beam covers/casements are decorative casings designed to hide structures such as steel joists (RSJs), concrete lintels therefore giving the impression of a beautiful oak structure or element. Our oak covers and casements are made from solid oak sides which are glued and screwed. The screws holes are covered with solid oak plugs, designed and manufactured to look where possible as realistic as conventional oak beams. Our casings are available in 2 finishes, these are 'planned' or a 'wrought look and feel' which complements existing oak beams. 

Using air dried timber, the oak beam covers can work either as a distinctive standalone feature or be made to integrate with other oak components.

Oak Beam casings/casements are available as 'supply only' and supply and 'put up' by our experienced team, alternatively collection can be arranged from our Essex workshop.

Please note: Our casings are manufactured by hand and are not made by hollowing out an oak beam.

fine oak buildings oak beam casements

Regardless of how complex your project may be, we can handle the entire process from start to finish